Message from the East

Greetings Brethren!  

I hope this message from the east finds you all well. We have a number of new brethren who have joined us recently and with our open house being successful we may have several more soon to join us in the spring. For now let us turn our gaze to the work at hand which is the third degree. Because thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November we will instead hold our third degree on the fifth Thursday, November 29th. I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with your families and loved ones. As a reminder our charitable Christmas party will be on Saturday December 8th from 3pm-9pm at the lodge, where we will tally all the presents that will be donated to the Lowell boys and girls club to benefit the underprivileged children of Lowell. The giving tree is in our game room and I urge you all to spread the word and follow the instructions that are posted. As always I am available to anyone who needs me, and I will see you all soon!



Brother Ian Rodriguez, Worshipful Master, Ancient York lodge.   

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