Message from the East

Greetings Brethren!  

I would like to thank you all for everything you have contributed to our lodge thus far. We are truly privileged to be in such an active, diverse and numerous lodge. The strength and support of what we have is beyond measure, and if numerically amassed, the knowledge and experience of our craft during any given meeting or collation would surely amount well into the centuries.

In these six months since ascending to the east I have expressed my authority in an amalgam of ways; issuing decrees, seeking council, delegating works or responsibilities, and of course deeply absorbing the eternal advice of masters past. All for the perpetuance of our lodge in prosperity I assure you.

After all I have memorized and gathered thus far I can promise you one thing: We aren't going anywhere. We are strong, we are upright, we are brothers. The only greater event than creation is co-creation, which we all crave and aspire to, and in his infinite wisdom the supreme architect of the universe has designed us to link arms with one another, in that indissoluble chain of love and affection, whereby the tighter we are pulled upon by the troubles of this world, the stronger we are clasped together in brotherly love.

And should any of us, any of us, no matter the charge, find something absent or unfulfilling from our lives, look no further than to Ancient York Lodge. the simplicity of being with one another in time and space is plentiful in the joys that it yields.

Every single counted face I gaze upon at lodge gives me courage, strength and resilience in the preservation of what we stand for. I am here for you my brothers, let us make the next six months a six months to be remembered and called upon for ages to come.

Thank you.



Brother Ian Rodriguez, Worshipful Master, Ancient York lodge.   

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